Looks We Love // J.Crew Kids Holiday Edition 2017

Holiday season is coming, it’s time to prepare for those party days. Get your little ones’ wardrobe ready with these fun, festive, foolproof outfits from J.Crew Kids, include styles for everything they’ve got planned.

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Colorful Fair Isle sweaters—including our one-of-a-kind take, with rockets, robots and monsters.

J.Crew Boys  Button-Front Camo-Lined Sweatpants

J.Crew Boys’ Fun Isle Crewneck SweaterJ.Crew Boys’ Button-Front Camo-Lined Sweatpantsadidas Kids Campus Sneakers

J.Crew Girls Cable-Knit Beanie Hat

J.Crew Girls’ Cable-Knit Beanie HatJ.Crew Girls’ Fair Isle Popover SweaterJ.Crew Boys’ Ombre Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

J.Crew Girls Fair Isle Popover Sweater

J.Crew Girls’ Fair Isle Popover SweaterJ.Crew Boys’ Ombre Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

Comfy sweats and tees built for all-day play.

J.Crew Boys Long-Sleeve Dinosaur T-Shirt

J.Crew Boys’ Long-Sleeve Dinosaur T-ShirtJ.Crew Boys’ Softspun Crewneck SweaterJ.Crew Boys’ Slim-Fit Summit Fleece PantsJ.Crew Boys’ Trouser Socks Three-PackVans Kids Chambray Slip-On Sneakers

Don’t forget the embellished cheeseburger tee!

J.Crew Girls Fur-Trimmed Fleece Zip-Up

J.Crew Girls’ Deluxe Burger T-ShirtJ.Crew Girls’ Fur-Trimmed Fleece Zip-UpJ.Crew Girls’ Sequin Tulle SkirtJ.Crew Girls’ Ribbed Tights

Cozy coats with quilted linings in our extra-special Italian stadium cloth wool.

J.Crew Girls Stadium Cloth A-Line Coat

J.Crew Girls’ Stadium Cloth A-Line CoatJ.Crew Boys’ Softspun Crewneck SweaterJ.Crew Girls’ Tie-Waist Dress

J.Crew Boys Wool Barn Jacket

J.Crew Boys’ Wool Barn JacketJ.Crew Boys’ Striped Popover HoodieJ.Crew Boys’ Cord In Stretch FitBlundstone Kids Boots In Oiled Leather

Tartan tops, tartan suits, tartan, well, everything!

J.Crew Boys Rugby Shirt In Caravan Red

J.Crew Boys’ Rugby Shirt In Caravan RedJ.Crew Boys’ Wrinkle Rinse Wash In Slim FitJ.Crew Kids’ Penny Loafers

J.Crew Boys Ludlow Suit Jacket In Stewart Plaid

LEFT: J.Crew Boys’ Ludlow Suit Jacket In Stewart PlaidJ.Crew Kids’ Chambray ShirtJ.Crew Boys’ Ludlow Suit Pants In Stewart PlaidJ.Crew Boys’ Dress Socks Three-Pack,

RIGHT: J.Crew Kids’ Classic Wing Tips J.Crew Girls’ Ruffle-Necked Top In Stewart PlaidJ.Crew Girls’ Everyday Leggings In VelvetJ.Crew Girls’ Glitter Mary Jane Ballet Flats

Fidget-free jeans and chinos.

J.Crew Kids Cable-Knit Crewneck Sweater

J.Crew Kids’ Cable-Knit Crewneck SweaterJ.Crew Kids’ Lightweight Flannel Shirt In Multicolored PlaidJ.Crew Boys’ Cord In Stretch FitJ.Crew Kids’ Suede Macalister Boots,

J.Crew Girls Star-Printed Stretch Toothpick Jean

J.Crew Kids’ Tissue Turtleneck T-ShirtJ.Crew Girls’ Star-Printed Stretch Toothpick JeanJ.Crew Girls’ Glitter Antlers HeadbandJ.Crew Girls’ Classic Glitter Ballet Flats

Plenty of velvet, plus sparkly sneakers!

J.Crew Boys Ludlow Dinner Jacket In Italian Wool

LEFT: J.Crew Boys’ Ludlow Dinner Jacket In Italian WoolJ.Crew Kids’ Secret Wash Shirt In TartanJ.Crew Boys’ Vintage Wash Jean In Stretch Skinny FitJ.Crew Kids’ Penny Loafers,

RIGHT: J.Crew Girls’ Sequin-Stripe Popover SweaterJ.Crew Girls’ Tulle Skirt In Shimmer StarsJ.Crew Girls’ Grosgrain Bow Knee-HighsJ.Crew Girls’ Furry Slip-On Sneakers In Metallic Stars

J.Crew Girls Flutter-Sleeve Velvet Dress

LEFT: J.Crew Girls’ Star-Covered Cardigan SweaterJ.Crew Girls’ Ribbed Tights

RIGHT:  J.Crew Girls’ Flutter-Sleeve Velvet DressJ.Crew Girls’ Holiday Charm NecklaceJ.Crew Girls’ Metallic Ribbed TightsJ.Crew Girls’ High-Top Sneakers In Glitter,